Sorts of Collagen – All the things You Want To Know Earlier than Shopping for a Complement


Chances are high you’ve already heard about collagen, a substance that may do wonders on your well being—in case you take it the fitting method. However how precisely is “proper”? For instance, is all collagen equally helpful, and what are its capabilities in your physique to start with? What are the forms of collagen you have to find out about?

These are some sensible questions, and we are going to reply all of them! Let’s take an in depth take a look at the 9 most necessary issues to find out about collagen earlier than shopping for (and taking) it to enhance your well being!

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that accounts for as a lot as 35% of ALL protein in the human body, being the first extracellular “constructing block.” You’ll be able to think about them as tiny ropes with particular websites the place completely different molecules could be connected, drastically altering the top construction and performance of collagen.

Essential Issues You Want To Know About Collagen

1. Completely different Sorts Of Collagen

The primary necessary factor to find out about collagen, is that there are fairly a number of several types of it: complete 28, to be precise, they usually all play completely different roles in your physique. A few of them are higher on your pores and skin, others are helpful for the bones and joints. All of them have their peculiarities, so take a second to get acquainted with the important ones on your want!

In several types, collagen is accountable for offering your organs and tissues with the suitable construction to swimsuit their capabilities.

For instance, fibers of sort I collagen are like tiny cross-linked ropes generously saturated with minerals: that is precisely what offers bones their tensile power (capability to resist elongation). Then again, the fibrillary construction of sort II collagen permits it to successfully comprise proteoglycans, an necessary element of cartilage tissue—thus this sort of collagen is current in abundance within the joints.

2. Sorts of Collagen For Particular Wants

The second factor you have to find out about collagen is that several types of collagen are higher for various tissues and organs in your physique.

Listed below are a number of examples:

  • Sort I collagen—pores and skin, bone, tendons
  • Sort II collagen—cartilage (joints)
  • Sort III collagen—reticular fiber (a supportive tissue in such tender organs as liver, bone marrow, lymphatic system, the intestine, and plenty of others)
  • Sort IV collagen—basement membrane, a skinny layer which separates the liner of organs from adjoining connective tissue
  • Sort V collagen—hair, placenta, exterior floor of all cells.

For pores and skin and sweetness (anti-aging), supplementing with Sort I collagen might help enhance the elasticity of excessive motion areas of the pores and skin the place wrinkles kind, such because the brow, eye area, across the mouth and on the neck. Fortifying the pores and skin’s structurer will assist scale back wrinkles, creases, sagging pores and skin, enlarged pores and cellulite.

Sort II collagen is an efficient supply for assuaging joint stiffness and growing mobility. Research have discovered that Sort II reduces joint ache in arthritis—osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

I can hear you surprise: “So, are you saying that I ought to search for dietary supplements with particular forms of collagen aimed on the organ or tissue I need to help?”

Sure, and no. You see, around 90% of the physique’s collagen consists of the primary three sorts. Though, you probably have a really particular want, for instance, you could have rheumatoid arthritis, then taking a Sort II collagen will tremendously profit your physique in rebuilding the joints and decreasing the ache.

three. Offering Your Physique With The Proper Constructing Blocks

The third necessary factor you have to find out about collagen is that it’s formed in your body via “self-assembly” to an excellent extent. That means that, you probably have sufficient “constructing blocks”, your physique will construct the forms of collagen it most wants. Easy as that!

In different phrases, your collagen complement (in case you select it proper) will act as these blocks, and your physique will do all the remaining. Now the query is: what collagen dietary supplements must you search for?

four. Gelatin Vs Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides

Principally, the 2 fundamental forms of collagen dietary supplements are gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen peptides (often known as collagen hydrolysate or, not often, hydrolyzed gelatin). Each have the identical precise content material of vitamins and roughly the identical advantages on your well being, however there are a number of important variations.

types of collagen

  • Hydrolyzed collagen has increased bioavailability than gelatin, because it comes damaged down into smaller fragments. Collagen hydrolysate could be conveniently added in each sizzling, heat, and chilly water, and is far more handy to take, as you’ll be able to add it to your juices or smoothie, for instance.
  • Not like hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin could be dissolved solely in sizzling water. In case you select to go along with gelatin, the one method you’ll be capable of take it’s, effectively… Make gelatin with it.
  • Though plain gelatin is flavorless, some folks could not like its flabby consistency. Hydrolyzed collagen is virtually indiscernible in drinks.

Each complement choices are completely pure. They’re extracted from animal physique components, such because the pores and skin, joints, and bones. The one distinction is within the comfort to take, and a bit higher bioavailability of collagen hydrolysate (about 90% of it are absorbed, versus 85.97% of gelatin) because of the smaller fragments of collagen it accommodates.

In consequence, hydrolyzed collagen peptides are higher distributed all through the physique’s tissues, and begin imposing their fabulous well being advantages a tad quicker!

5. Hyaluronic Acid And Collagen

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance present in virtually each cell in our physique. It’s distributed all through our connective tissue, mind tissue and epithelial tissue that traces our organs, vessels and cavities within the physique.

Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating agent that enhances and helps collagen, enhancing the physique’s capability to provide, synthesize and use collagen far more effectively.

In joint well being, hyaluronic acid works by sustaining the lubrication of joints. It will increase the resilience of cartilage by delivering vitamins, eradicating waste merchandise, replenishing synovial fluid and decreasing the consequences of friction within the joints.

Hyaluronic acid works with collagen by offering hydration and moisture to the pores and skin, bettering elasticity, therapeutic of wounds, tissue restore, dry scalp, and even enhance the moisture in our eyes, stopping dry eyes.

In case you discover a collagen complement that features hyaluronic acid as one among its substances, it’s positively higher for aiding in hydration and regeneration.

6. Collagen for Joint, Bone, and Muscle Well being

Maybe, one of the vital well-researched subjects by way of collagen advantages are its impact on the skeletomuscular system well being. Let’s check out a few of the most necessary of them!

  • A 2000 study highlighted that collagen hydrolysate alleviates joint ache in osteoarthritis and improves general joint well being.
  • Based on a 2008 study, collagen hydrolysate can considerably enhance joint ache in athletes that suffer from activity-related joint ache.
  • A Japanese 2012 study by Sugihara and coauthors spotlighted that supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen peptides enhances cartilage safety and regeneration.
  • In 2013, an animal study confirmed that hydrolyzed collagen peptides enhance bone mass in rising rats, thus indicating that this complement may very well be extremely helpful for the prevention and therapy of osteoporosis.
  • A fairly surprising end result was seen in a 2015 study: It confirmed that collagen hydrolysate supplementation will increase muscular power and helps lose fats in aged man when mixed with resistance coaching.

Collagen protects your cartilage and helps to regenerate earlier harm, helps bone density, and enhances muscle power.

7. Collagen for Intestine Well being

Let’s begin with the truth that collagen hydrolysates comprise loads of amino acids that are important for the growth of bifidobacteria, thus making it a robust prebiotic (a substance or complicated of gear that promotes the expansion of helpful micro organism). Which means that, though not directly, collagen hydrolysate would possibly be capable of:

  • Enhance intestine well being and “patching” up a leaky gut.
  • Forestall growth of traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Forestall growth of pouchitis, an irritation of the synthetic rectum in sufferers after colectomy.
  • Cut back signs of hay fever (allergic rhinitis).
  • Assist decrease whole levels of cholesterol, thus serving to to cut back the danger of cardiovascular ailments.

A number of different research point out that hydrolyzed collagen peptides may very well be helpful for folks aiming to regulate their meals consumption and shed pounds on the whole, as it may provide help to keep full for longer, and enhance adherence to calorie-restriction diets.

Collagen acts as a robust prebiotic, normalizes your intestine’s microflora, and helps you keep on monitor of your food plan!

eight. Collagen for Pores and skin, Hair and Nails

One of the vital widespread well being claims relating to collagen on the whole is that it may decelerate pores and skin growing old and promote the well being of your hair and nails. However is that true?

Completely! And there are a ton of research that affirm that! Collagen can drastically enhance indicators of pores and skin growing old, hair and nail well being.

For instance, in 2014 a study revealed each day consumption of a complement product of hydrolyzed collagen and a little bit of further vitamins considerably improved seen indicators of pores and skin growing old after 60 consecutive days. This consists of:

  • Pores and skin dryness
  • Wrinkles
  • Depth of the nasolabial fold

Plus, after 12 weeks, the identical research confirmed a rise in pores and skin collagen density and general pores and skin firmness. If that’s NOT a wonderful end result, I don’t know what’s!

Final however not least, hydrolyzed collagen peptides comprise amino acids which are important for the well being of hair and nails, enhancing development and decreasing brittleness.

9. Most Efficient Bioavailability and Efficiency

Now let’s have a number of phrases on bioavailability and efficiency so that you can get essentially the most out of your hydrolyzed collagen dietary supplements.

All collagen is derived from animal sources. Relying on the kind of collagen you want, the supply could play a job in its effectiveness.

For Sort I, it is suggested to get your collagen supply from fish (marine). Research present that fish collagen peptides are finer, giving them superior bioavailability to your pores and skin, hair and nail well being.

For Sort II, it is suggested to get your collagen supply from (humanely-raised) hen that’s loaded with joint-healthy condroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate—each of that are glorious for therapeutic your joints.

And for Sort III, it is suggested to get your collagen supply from grass-fed beef (bovine) discovered from the cartilage, bones and hides of cows. Bovine collagen is sort of an identical to human collagen, making it efficient and supportive for our connective tissue and inner tender organs.

Though there isn’t any single opinion on how a lot you must take, most research with optimistic outcomes function a single dose of seven,000 to 10,000 mg per serving each day. Nonetheless, make sure that to fastidiously learn the directions offered by the producer for finest outcomes.

And, in fact, do not forget that dietary supplements in liquid kind are typically absorbed higher than powders or tablets. In different phrases, in case you dissolve a dose of hydrolyzed collagen peptides in a glass of water, you’ll probably get higher outcomes than in case you would take roughly the identical quantity of collagen in powder or gelatin kind.

Purpose for hydrolyzed collagen, with about 7,000 to 10,000 mg of collagen per serving and take it dissolved in a beverage of your selection.


Final Ideas Earlier than You Go

Within the overwhelming majority of research that we’ve researched whereas writing this text, no unwanted side effects have been noticed because of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation.

When introducing collagen dietary supplements, make sure that to begin step by step, giving your physique loads of time to get used to this sudden enhance in a single particular nutrient. Probably, in case you comply with the directions offered by the producer, you gained’t expertise any disagreeable results, but when you recognize that your guts are vulnerable to throwing a ruckus every now and then—be light to it! 🙂

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